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Sleepy Sunday…


It was a boring and I slept the whole Sunday afternoon. After a busy day yesterday, i am now ready with my “pasalubongs” to go home. I bought some shirts and bags for my mother and siblings at home (Basilan). Hope they’ll be happy with these. Im excited to see them and be with them even just for a week. Hope, everything’s gonna run smooth there – internet ready, laptop is in good condition and of course, electricity must be accessible all the time too. It must be! because even if i am on vacation, i’ll still be reporting for work- online. Well, the thing there is, i’ll be home.


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One Saturday with PHP

PHP Training
It was a tiring but productive Saturday. After i had my training on HTML and CSS last month, i decided to proceed web programming as soon as possible. Today, my craving for that was fulfilled. What i did all day was to stare at my computer and watched youtube’s tutorials about PHP and MySql coding. Well,guess what?I just got it..After a very long time that i have been desiring to read, and understand how web programming works, I just did my first running PHP-Mysql program! Well, self-studying is not an easy thing to do, specially when you’re never familiar with that subject you’re studying. But then, maybe my motivation and boredom made me choose to do it. Well im looking forward to learn more and share some with you guys who has the same cravings as me.

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Restless week…

The whole week was the most restless but exciting week in my entire career life. Well, taking all the job of a team leader is not easy but then, i was able to manage it somehow. It was a very challenging offer to me since all this time I never felt as super pressure as this, where you receive emails and chats (skype) from your superiors (managers, company owner) and dealing with a strict team leader/trainer. One the first day, it was Monday i think, i was shocked with all their impromptu requests that needs to be done before the day will end. I really had a talk with my manager the next day suggesting him to calm me down and I also asked for guidance with my shocked feeling. Til the next few days, i was able to adjust the new environment and became used to it. You know what i learned there? I was able to manage my time, pressure and anger well and that’s definitely a good thing than wasting my time facing my computer playing some FB games.

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