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Sleepy Sunday…


It was a boring and I slept the whole Sunday afternoon. After a busy day yesterday, i am now ready with my “pasalubongs” to go home. I bought some shirts and bags for my mother and siblings at home (Basilan). Hope they’ll be happy with these. Im excited to see them and be with them even just for a week. Hope, everything’s gonna run smooth there – internet ready, laptop is in good condition and of course, electricity must be accessible all the time too. It must be! because even if i am on vacation, i’ll still be reporting for work- online. Well, the thing there is, i’ll be home.


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This would be my first wordpress blog and i am finding it hard to express myself. It’s a cloudy Saturday morning here in PI and im a little bit bored, I haven’t planned anything for this day either.  So i turned on my computer and look for something to do. I found out i have to re-install Ubuntu Jauntry on my virtualbox because my previous ubuntu karmic koala(latest version ubuntu) got some bugs during installation.

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