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Restless week…

The whole week was the most restless but exciting week in my entire career life. Well, taking all the job of a team leader is not easy but then, i was able to manage it somehow. It was a very challenging offer to me since all this time I never felt as super pressure as this, where you receive emails and chats (skype) from your superiors (managers, company owner) and dealing with a strict team leader/trainer. One the first day, it was Monday i think, i was shocked with all their impromptu requests that needs to be done before the day will end. I really had a talk with my manager the next day suggesting him to calm me down and I also asked for guidance with my shocked feeling. Til the next few days, i was able to adjust the new environment and became used to it. You know what i learned there? I was able to manage my time, pressure and anger well and that’s definitely a good thing than wasting my time facing my computer playing some FB games.


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